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UK Based Craft Businesses

If you are not a craft business owner or an events organiser, don't register on the site. There are other places for whatever it is that you do and non-craft related accounts will be deleted immediately.

Likewise, if you are not physically based in the United Kingdom then it would be pointless to register as there is nothing of use to you here and we can see which country you visit us from.


We do not sell, disclose to third parties, spam or abuse any data entered by our site members. If you would like to delete all your user data from our system, please contact us with your membership details and we will delete all data for your account within 48 hours.

Be Nice

We reserve the right to terminate a users membership immediately, without notice, if they misbehave or misuse our system. Put simply, be nice. That is all we ask. If something feels dodgy or wrong, don't do it.

Do not spam or abuse other members or use language which is not appropriate. Do not misuse our system or upload content that is not Craft Fair related. We will notice and you'll not only be wasting your time but ours too. You will also be liable for the costs (at a rate of £60 per hour, or part thereof) of cleaning up anything untoward that you do.

Use of Cookies

Whilst we do not use any of your visitor data, we do use third party advertising on this website which may use cookies to record your visits as you travel through the internet.

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