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How to Price Handmade Products

Calculating the right price for handmade products can be tricky, we've made it easier with our free craft price calculator.

Simply enter the total cost of the materials you used, the number of handcrafted items you made and how long they took to make.

To charge a fair price you need to set an hourly wage, £13.60 is the average hourly wage in the UK.

If you want, you can also add a retail profit margin.

We'll calculate the results for you, showing the price to charge per product as well as the total cost to make them and a retail price if you choose to add a profit markup.

Try the Craft Calculator for yourself (to the right on PC or below on a smartphone) to calculate how much you should be selling your handcrafted products for. The currency used in the calculator is not important, simply enter values in your local currency.

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Craft Pricing Calculator

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Handmade Crafting Calculations

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Retail Batch Value ($ £ €) 0
Total Retail Profit ($ £ €) -

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