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  • I make crocheted amigurumi soft toys. I produce a wide range of items.

    My pieces are unique. Since they are handmade (with love), they are like fingerprints - no two pieces of my toys look exactly the same.

    There are so many variations in size, colour and patterns to explore.

    My collections include: -

    Sea and land animals like octopi, puffer fish, giraffes, elephants, foxes and a menagerie of birds like swans and peacocks,

    Garden creatures like butterflies, moths, aphids, snails and caterpillars,

    Other themes include friendly monster creatures, cacti and even baby rattles,

    Faux pas taxidermy animal heads like zebras, lions, foxes and bulls and deer heads for kids bedrooms, nurseries and adults alike.

    I love making seasonal pieces too. For my Christmas collection, I work on childrens and adult gifts like reindeer soft toys, cute and cuddly tiny bears and faux pas taxidermy reindeer animal heads.

    The joy I read on childrens and adults faces when they receive my pieces is truly very infectious, motivating and inspiring.

    Each piece is priced according to the hours that I spend on them. Generally tiny amigurumi toys takes 1-2 hours, medium sized toys, double that time, large items a few days and enormous ones can take up to a week.

    Faux pas taxidermy heads are on top of the list of items that I love to create but can take up to a week to make.
    I have made lions, cute colourful mice, stag deers, zebras and swans and variations of colours of these creatures.

    They look magnificent high up in nursery and older childrens bedroom walls and in the hallway. They are the perfect focal points when you walk into any room and so make for the ideal handmade unique gift.

    Having twin boys has also been an incredible inspiration. I feature some of my products at their school stalls at twice yearly events- the School Carnival and the Christmas Fair.

    I am now in the process of exhibiting my work at events in and around London.

    I am now starting to create more of my own designs and patterns, with the help of my twin boys who are my worst critics. No new toy will go on display unless they approve it. In saying that, I have created several specific pieces as Christmas and birthday surprises for them to hang on their bedroom walls and to use as cuddly toys - to their great joy.

    I have also made amigurumi pieces for my friends' children ranging from tiny octopuses to farm animals.

    As my pieces are handmade, unless I have the products in stock, my pieces are made and delivered within a 2 - 8 weeks time period (entirely depending on the size and therefore the time to make them). Sometimes clients prefer another colour or size than the ones shown in the photograph, therefore I have to stick to this delivery time.

    I am very happy to personalise each piece and this is reflected in my pricing.

    As they are not mass produced in a factory and therefore cannot be found in the local market, you will have a very unique handmade piece -something I am very proud to state.

    I work in London and make my creations in a smoke free environment. My pieces are made from either 100 percent cotton, acrylic, polyester or wool yarn and are stuffed with polyester filling. I do not use any unrecyclable plastic in my products and everything is recyclable. I use bead eyes, buttons for toys for those over 3 years of age and sew on the eyes and noses with embroidery thread for kids under this age.

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